We’re still here!

Let me kick things off by explaining that our absence is due to still not having a camera – we’re waiting on a criminal trial to conclude before we can get it back. It’s a weird complicated emotional mess. However, we all have phones these days, so no more excuses!

Between trying to learn German, attempting to cultivate a garden of succulents such that would make all of Instagram instantly jealous, and putting the grill to work on every piece of food we eat, we are finding time to install trim and baseboards throughout the house.

We came into the house with no trim. Anywhere. Not exaggerating. Drywall has been installed, but around all doors, floors and windows, we have variations of this:


Master carpentry by a previous owner!

We got tired of looking at insulation poking out everywhere, so we’ve been working at it.


Don't judge us.


This is more involved than we thought. Walls are not thick enough for the width of each doorframe, drywall needs replacement and patching. I’m sure all of you seasoned renovators are nodding your heads knowingly. It’s a good thing we love this house.

I’ll save our window casing dilemmas for their own post. Here are some finished photos so we don’t leave you hanging:


I love my table. Oh yes




Don’t mind Taco and her derpiness.

We’ll keep updating on the trim front. And, provided my camera is returned somewhat soon, expect photos of succulents.


Here’s one to tide you over. Signing off!


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