dresser refurb!

Hello, again, and sorry for my absence. A lot has happened – some not-so-nice things (my camera was stolen – and recovered – but it has not been returned to me yet from the police. I am borrowing my friend Autumn’s camera for some shoots this weekend), but Soner and I also had our wedding, so the knot has been tied and I am officially Mrs. Acar! I will probably share tons of photos here from the big day once I get them back from our lovely photographer at Love By Serena. Here’s one to tide you over:


Meanwhile, we’re working on getting our house up to snuff. We ended up having to completely rebuild our balcony – I will try to get some photos of that process, but we will definitely have photos of the finished product ASAP!

This is not about that. This is about my dresser. A dresser I bought several years ago – I have been lugging it with me, trying to figure out my vision for it, since it has potential. I would say it’s seen better days, but it probably has not. This thing has a paint job from hell.


I was using it to store pieces of fabric and scraps for projects, all the while hmm-ing and ahh-ing about what to do with it. Well, enough of that. I’m going to just bite the bullet and paint it a solid neutral and put it to good use, instead of hiding it in a back room for a rainy day.

Trying to decide if I should keep the hardware. Any ideas?


I was going to just sand it down and repaint, but I didn’t want any lumps or cracks…so it was time to strip the paint. Yuck. I hate that stuff, but it seemed like the best way. I figured I’d follow my heart on the paint color, but the original paint had to go first. My cat Caesar decided to inspect everything, meanwhile.


I chose a paint-stripper-for-dummies – it’s a gel that can actually be used indoors (allegedly), it has “no” chemical odor, and is not as caustic to skin as typical paint thinner. I say all of this as a first-time paint-remover, so I don’t really know how it stacks up to the competition, but I can say it was a relatively easy job, if not messy as heck. I grabbed the bigger jug of the two at Lowe’s, and I’m glad I did, because it looks like I had more to cover (or uncover) than I thought. So armed with a plastic scraper, a rough sponge for detail work, and naturally wearing my favorite shoes so I would then get paint all over them, I set to work. Outside, by the way. Not sure about that “safe for indoor use” part.


I wish I had more to show you, but with Daylight Savings in full swing, my daylight was running out! I’ll let everyone know, though, that the pain thinner totally smells like orange dreamsicles, if the dreamsicles had been through a giant dose of crazy radiation or something. I’ll start on the drawers as soon as I have some spare time. Maybe I’ll even do them inside. If I die from chemical inhalation, you’ll be the first to know last to know because I won’t be able to post it here.

Ciao for now!



Edit: I wanted to amend this post to share the finished dresser! Will add the paint color once I dig up my sample can from wherever Soner stashed it…

I got drawer pulls from Home Depot, and I was unsure at first, but I think they work.


The full dresser needs a few touch ups that I couldn’t see at first because I was impatient and painted it at night, but overall I think it’s a win! Where before it was a blemish sitting in the corner of the room, I think it now adds a pop of color!



in which we are inundated with chairs.

As people who never used to have enough seating for everyone at our house, we are suddenly finding ourselves with too many chairs. And we can’t stop.

I think we have 4 desk chairs at last count, around 3-4 folding chairs, a lawn chair, and two lovely Chippendale chairs that are in need of refinishing. Regardless, when our neighbor came by with two old chairs that she needed to get rid of, we could not resist.


They’re a little tired, but they have good bones.


So I’ll be refinishing these – and maybe those Chippendales too while I’m at it.